Whose ready for our new STREGNTH+ STREGNTH classes? @fitpro_donnied leading them both! Saturday 9:45 for the first, and Mondays 12 pm for regular STREGNTH! #justforyou #strongfirst

Thanks for the tag, @skyemiles101 you look strong!!! 💪🏼❤️ #trxworkout #strongwomen #fitfam #newworkout #strengthtraining #atl #atlantafitness

Next up! @jarriethp JP! Have you take his spin class yet? He teaches early am classes and a evening class. 3 things to know from him! 1. I’m all about good music. 2. I love really good Chinese food. 3. I love to help people.

Meet Kate! @katewkrause She teaches our Fusion classes and the 100 reps! 3 things you should know.. 1. She knows all the words to The Humpty Dance 2. She hasn’t grown since She was 10 years old 3. She biked from Venice to Paris! 🤭😂

2nd theme ride of the weekend. Sunday 9:30 am w/ @rockinrobbin22 Dirty South Ride, round 2!! #rideordie #fitfam

It’s almost time for The GRAMMYS...this Sat 8:30 am, all nominated artist ride! 🎶 @noelkj #itsgoodforyou #grammys2019

You still have time! Today (Friday) 12 PM!! Show up for a free ride! @rockinrobbin22 #itsgoodforyou #rideordie

New year, new shoes. We will gladly let you borrow our shoes, but if you are a spinner we can order you your very own!! Other colors avail. 😃 #tiem #athleticwear

@stephygthatsme took the weekend off but she’s back in studio! At the desk, trx, or spin! #healthybodyandmind #itsgoodforyou