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We are so excited to kick off the fundraising for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! As many of you know one of our own, Robbin Woody, is a breast cancer survivor and a beautiful champion for this cause. We have other beloved members who have battled this disease and I am sure many of you have been touched by their stories. Insert the Pace23 Pace-A-Thon! This is a 5 hour spin class divided into 1 hour segments. You can ride for 5 hours or you can build a team and split it up however you like. We will provide food and fun, and of course you get a cool t-shirt! Do not miss this opportunity to be a part of something special!

You can join this fight against breast cancer in 1 of 3 ways (click button above/below to start)

1. Sign up to be a team captain

All 23 of our bikes are up for grabs and each one is valued at $500. As team captain, you will sign up and create your team using the register button. You will then create a team page and be given your own link to send to friends and family for donation. Each team member is responsible for raising $100 for every hour he or she rides. Remember $500 per team is your goal, but of course feel free to raise even more!

2. Join a team

If you don't want to be a team captain, but would like to find a team, email us at info@pace23decatur.com and we will match you up!

3. Donate

Can't make it to the event? You can still donate by using the button below.