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Pace23 is a boutique fitness studio in Decatur. We are dedicated to breaking up the monotony of your usual workout. Our expert instructors are always available to offer support, guidance and an extra push. Whether it be in the strap or in the saddle we will help you reach your goals.


Grab your favorite Tribe23 trainer for a pow-wow. Let us help you develop the right plan to achieve your goals. With our wide variety of class profiles and affordable pricing options we will help you find an effective and affordable path to success!


HIIT: High intensity interval training classes are super fun and face paced to get your heart pumping.

FUSION: Combine the best parts of TRX with pilates, barre and yoga and you get Fusion. Another Pace23 creation, this class focuses on core stability while using every muscle in your body.

TRX: This powerful full body workout spices up traditional favorites like push ups, lunges and planks by using a TRX strap to utilize body weight. The perfect balance of strength training with bursts of cardio to tone your entire body.

STRENGTH: This class will challenge you physically but you'll leave feeling stronger mentally and physically. Every class is different but each class is a full body workout focusing on building strength and stamina.